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An End of Year Recap of Eye Health Tips

Eyecare, Eye Wellness

It starts in elementary school and follows us throughout life. The tendency to review and recap that is. And optometrists are just as likely to use this tool to educate their audience as any other medical discipline. So in the interest of reminding people of simple ways to care for their vision, what follows are […]

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A Vision Check Up Makes a Great Christmas Gift!

Optometrist, Eyecare ,Wellness

Everyone loves to unwrap gaily decorated packages. And those twinkling lights and beautifully appointed trees and homes are a treasure for the eyes. That is if you are able to enjoy these visual delights. If you are struggling with your vision, then the holidays may lose their luster. […]

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Protecting Your Eyes against Holiday Hazards


There are dozens of eye hazards lurking in holiday festivities! Unfortunately, what may bring you visual delight might also bring you holiday pain. Keep these cautions in mind as you set out to make your Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanza or other family traditions bright! […]

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Include an Eye Checkup on Your Back-to-School List

Eye Health, Eye exam,Optometrist

Who doesn’t love summer? It is overwhelmingly a child’s favorite time of the year. No school. No studying. Sleeping late. Doing all those things you never get to do during the structured school year. But, all good things must come to an end, summer included. As your child starts the dreaded task of getting ready […]

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Common Eye Infections and How To Treat Them

eye care, eye doctor, clinic

Think about the number of times a day that you touch germ-laden surfaces: door handles, countertops, tabletops, and other areas. Now consider how often you touch your eyes. Eye infections are typically caused by bacteria, viruses, or fungus. Here are three common infections to look out for, and ways to treat them. 1. Conjunctivitis Without […]

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Things Teens Should Know About Eye Care

ophthalmology clinic,eye care

A teenager’s eyes are still developing and they need special care to stay healthy. Believe it or not, what a teen eats makes a difference in their overall eye health. The best diet includes healthy amounts of fruit, vegetables, whole grains, and fish high in fatty omega acids. Maintaining a healthy diet can be a […]

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Taking Your Child For A Visit To The Eye Doctor

Kids vision,Optometrist, Eyecare

Nearly everyone is aware that there are important health checks for infants and children including immunization, well-child visits, and visits to the dentist. But have you had your child’s vision tested lately? Pediatric optometrists recommend having your child’s eyes checked at about 6 months of age, again at three years of age (provided no corrective […]

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Simple Steps to Guard Your Vision


Few things are more precious than your eyesight, yet it is a gift we tend to take for granted, until it is challenged. You open your eyes each morning, and look around the world in which you live. You navigate your daily existence mostly by sight. But there are many things that can impair your […]

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Preparing Your Child for a Visit to the Eye Doctor

Eye Health, Eye exam,Optometrist

A visit to the optometrist has become a regular part of the total health care assessment for many children. Parents who want to ensure their children are 100% healthy will not overlook the need to check up on eye health and wellness. For children, a visit to any type of medical office can be fraught […]

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Winter Eye Care: How To Fight Dry And Itchy Eyes

eyecare, Wellness,Optometrist

Winter’s cold weather brings with it a range of health woes and dry, itchy eyes are among them.    Dr. Marissa Locy, from the University of Alabama at Birmingham’s Department of Ophthalmology, explained that humidity generally drops in the winter as most people turn on the heat in their offices and homes to fight the […]

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