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An End of Year Recap of Eye Health Tips in Annapolis & Kent Island

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It starts in elementary school and follows us throughout life. The tendency to review and recap that is. And optometrists are just as likely to use this tool to educate their audience as any other medical discipline. So in the interest of reminding people of simple ways to care for their vision, what follows are some simple suggestions for taking care of your vision.


·         Make it a habit to have your vision checked annually. This is an important recommendation for people of all ages. For example, little children may not realize they have a vision problem for the simple reason they don’t know what perfect vision is. Older people may be losing their vision in such slow incremental fashion they simply adjust to it, unaware there are remedies for their loss. So, to ensure you have the best vision available to you, make an appointment with your eye doctor and keep it!

·         Someone should keep track of your family’s eye health history. This makes it easier to access information regarding the potential for hereditary or chronic vision conditions that may be unique or specific to your lineage.

·         Eat right! This is such a simple and passive way to keep your vision healthy. There are many foods that are rich in nutrients that support optimal eye health. This includes fruits and leafy green vegetables such as kale, and other foods that are rich in omega 3 fatty acids including (but not limited to) tuna and salmon. Ask your eye care specialist for a list of foods they recommend to support good vision.

·         Wear the proper protective eyewear. This advice covers a multitude of instances. Are you going skiing? If so, be careful as the white snow can be blinding. Purchase and use protective eye wear that filters out reflective sunlight. Are you a ‘DIY’ person? Many of the ‘do it yourself’ projects actually put your vision at risk. For example, this may include little glue guns that could splash tiny amounts of glue into your eye. A nail could bounce back up from a mis-directed hammer stroke. The examples are endless so invest in protective eyewear.

·         Wash your hands often. One of the greatest offenders to eye health is the germs you carry around on your hands. You likely don’t realize how often you put your hands to your eyes. Keep your hands clean and your eyes healthy.


The professionals at Island Eyecare know all about taking care of your vision. Make an appointment with us to keep your world bright and sunny!

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