Children’s Eye Health


It is difficult to believe that in this world of advanced medicine many children are born with vision problems that remain untreated into their school years. One study claims that nearly 30% of preschoolers will have uncorrected poor vision in the next several decades. […]

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Babies and their Vision


What greater gift in life is there than a child? Those little precious bundles of joy are the gift that keeps on giving – and often most appreciated and doted on during the holidays. Parents are often careful to ensure they are kept safe, dry and warm. They wrap gifts with special care and love [...]

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Eyecare Careers


Some of our favorite customers are children. They usually come in excited for the experience of undergoing an eye exam. It’s all so new and interesting. Moreover, there are few things more satisfying than having your sight corrected so you can see things clearly. Yes, the life of an optometrist is very rewarding. Often our [...]

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