AI and Ophthalmology


The world of optometry and ophthalmology are changing many aspects of life at lightning speed. Artificial intelligence (AI) is the intelligence displayed by machines versus that of human capability. Its definition is actually much more complex and refers to devices that are able to perceive their environment and achieve a goal. It sounds like the [...]

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Eat, Drink and Have Healthy Vision for this Holiday Season


When you think of the holidays the most common vision conjured up is eating to excess and an overall feeling of unhealthiness. But, in truth, holiday eating can be a bonus for your eyes and sight. There are many foods that enhance – or at least support – proper eyecare. Let’s review that holiday menu [...]

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Did You Ever Wonder?


You are probably pretty knowledgeable about human sight. After all, it is a natural part of your existence. But did you know that occasionally there are animals that have vision problems? Or that there are animals with better eyesight than humans? File it under ‘interesting facts about life’ and read on. Indeed, there are some [...]

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Drinking Hot Tea Everyday May Lower Glaucoma Risk


Drinking one cup of hot tea at least once a day may significantly lower your risk of developing glaucoma, a serious eye condition that can lead to blindness. One of the Top Causes of Blindness Glaucoma causes fluid pressure to build up inside the eyes, damaging the optic nerve. The disease is among the top [...]

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