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Tips for Caring for Your Eyes in Springtime in Annapolis & Kent Island

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Every season comes with certain suggestions for maintaining peak eye health no matter what the climate conditions. People often associate spring with windy weather, rain, and a mix of cold and warmer weather. In this entry we will offer some advice for ensuring you continue to enjoy seeing everything around you.

Yes, the days get longer in springtime which often brings more sunshine. While the sun may lift your spirits, if you are not careful, it can damage your eyes. So, the number one task on your spring ‘to-do’ list should be to purchase polarized prescription sunglasses or a pair that wraps around your head. The best sunglasses will prevent harmful UV rays from reaching your eyes and eliminate glare. Many people will invest in multiple pairs of this type of protective eyewear and place them strategically throughout the house, in their vehicle and at their place of employment. That way, they are guaranteed that a pair of sunglasses are always handy nearby.

A second eye problem that can arise in the spring is allergies. When plants and flowers start to bloom, they release pollen. Many Americans are allergic to one or more of these substances and as a result they may experience watery and itchy eyes, a runny nose and more. To treat this problem, it is wise to keep a small vial of over-the-counter eyedrops handy. Often, when a person is experiencing a visual allergic reaction to pollen – a few eyedrops will clear up the problem. If not, then you should visit an optometrist for more treatment options.

Still another problem that goes hand-in-hand with spring are eye injuries from an increase in sports involvement. With warm weather comes more amateur baseball, basketball, golf, volleyball and just about any sport you can associate with this time of year. As a result, many people put their eye health in peril by not wearing the proper eye protection. There are a variety of sports goggles and sports eyewear that are fashionable as well as highly protective. After all, who doesn’t want to ‘look their best’ when they step up to the plate? Or mound? Or tee?

Visit the professionals at Island Eyecare for more information on how to care for your eyes in the spring.

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