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Vision Wear


The average consumer likely has no idea of the breadth of products available today in eyewear. Whereas several decades ago options were limited, today people who wear glasses have an almost dizzying array of choices. In lenses alone there are several categories to consider when making a selection. Let’s examine this more closely in this [...]

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Optical Insurance Plans


Vision insurance can be a valuable component of your overall health insurance plan. But what is it and how do you take advantage of these benefits? Vision care plans take multiple forms. For some employees, your employer may include it as an add-on to your health and/or dental plan. If you do have vision insurance, [...]

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Eyecare Treatments


Today’s optometry offices tend to offer much more in the way of positive eye care than ever before. As we become a more advanced society, we are better able to identify diseases and ailments that affect our vision. We have compiled a list of five of the most common health risks that can be discovered [...]

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Dry Eye Syndrome


Dry-eye syndrome occurs when the quality and/or quantity fails to keep the eye surface properly lubricated.. This is a syndrome that is chronic and often progressive. The symptoms of dry eye disease are quite numerous. You may suffer stinging or burning of the eyes, as well as itchiness and redness, or blurred vision. Your eyes [...]

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