Be Prepared


This is not a motto that is meant for the Boy Scouts alone. It should be a caution for every family and home. You just never know when an accident might happen. Therefore you should always be prepared! […]

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Island Eyecare’s New Year’s Resolution Suggestions


There are few days of the year that feel as fresh and new as January 1st. It’s all about new beginnings, starting over and determining to do a better job in life over the coming year. Here at Island Eyecare we want to help you make New Year’s resolutions that will benefit your life and [...]

Island Eyecare’s New Year’s Resolution Suggestions2019-01-25T03:22:55+00:00

January is National Glaucoma Month


There are many serious eye illnesses and diseases that can impact your vision. Among the most challenging is glaucoma. It currently impacts over three million Americans and all indications are this number will increase in the coming decade. Perhaps one reason for this is that it impacts people over sixty in greater numbers and the [...]

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