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2021 Eyewear Trends


2020 is officially behind us, and we’re looking ahead to the eyewear trends of the New Year. 2021 trends include both statement-making frames and timeless designs. Here are just a few of the fashions we’re sure to see this year: Round glasses: This retro frame trend is here to stay. Round eyeglasses and sunglasses are [...]

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How to Choose the Right Eyeglass Frames


Faces comes in a variety of shapes; square, heart, diamond, oval, and round are the most common face shapes according to a recent CNET.com article.  And the truth is, almost nobody embodies the perfect face shape among these descriptions.  The key is determining which category sounds most like you. There is no rule book because [...]

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Let’s Talk Eyeglasses Style for 2020


It is hard to believe there was a time when people did not want to wear prescription glasses because they thought they were unstylish! Now, people will buy vanity glasses without prescription lenses so they can be part of the ‘glasses-wearing in crowd’! This spring offers a fun and exciting way to add eyewear fashion [...]

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About Progressive Lenses


A progressive lens is one that offers a ‘smooth transition’ for the eye across varying focal lengths, allowing an individual’s eyes to move seamlessly across the spectrum of visual distances. In other words, the wearer of progressive lenses is able to have clear vision from far away, at an intermediate length and even close up [...]

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