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Teary Eyed?


Do your eyes well up at the sight of a sentimental movie? How about a love song? Do beautiful lyrics bring tears to your eyes? Of course, there are many things that can make you cry. Some are happy and some are sad. But, did you know that scientists have actually studied the subject of [...]

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Bat Those Eyelashes


Today women and men can choose from a variety of cosmetic items to enhance their eye presentation. That means you can purchase lotions that will help reduce wrinkles and unsightly puffiness. The choice of eye makeup is nearly endless and if you are particular about your brows, you can get them done professionally. In fact, [...]

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Check Yourself!


Many people believe that vision is the most important of the five senses. If you have read other posts on our site, you will find that we have stated up to 80% of all your sensory perceptions occur through vision. As a result, taking care of your eyes should be a top priority on a [...]

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Low Vision Awareness Month


There are many celebrations and observances in the month of February but none as important to the eyecare business as ‘February is Low Vision Awareness Month’. In this article we will learn more about the meaning of low vision and its effects. We will also offer some valuable advice on what you can do if [...]

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Predictions for the Future of Eyecare and Vision


Do you realize that 80% of your sensory perceptions occur through vision? In other words, your vision is key to experiencing the world. Estimates place the number of blind people across the globe at 36 million, with an additional 220 million suffering from a vision problem that affects their ability to see clearly. Even so, [...]

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