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The Downside of Eyelash Extensions


One of a woman’s most coveted facial features is her eyelashes. One major player in the eyelash industry claimed to have netted over $18 million in sales last year alone. No question that long, thick, lush eyelashes are always in and always a fashion statement. There are many ways to enhance your eyelashes. Step into [...]

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Taking an Online Vision Test


It seems you can do anything online these days. You can order groceries, household items, restaurant food, and clothes tailored to your size and style. You can schedule and meet with doctors and mental health professionals all from the comfort of your home. Anything else you desire is likely to be as near as the [...]

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Allergies and Your Eyes


After a long, cold, wet winter people are usually happy to see spring roll in. Everyone, that is, except those who suffer from allergies because when trees and flowers bloom, they release pollens and other irritants into the air, causing your nose and eyes to itch, water and turn red. […]

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Caring for Your Glasses and Contact Lenses


In today’s fast-paced world people tend to look for quick solutions to many of the daily chores of life. This seems to be especially true of caring for your eyeglasses or contact lenses. Let’s start with a reminder of why this is important. First, eyeglasses and contact lenses are just like any type of prescription. [...]

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A Cure for Blindness?


There are many causes of blindness. It may be the result of an accident or it may be due to some form of progressive eye disease or it could be genetic. A small biotech firm has been in the process of developing a therapy for an infrequent type of blindness. The treatment is genetic-based and [...]

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