Eye Care

Contact Lens Safety Tips


For most contact lens wearers, contacts are a dream come true—perfect vision without the annoyance of glasses. As convenient as contacts are, they can cause serious eye infections if not cared for properly. Island Eyecare and the American Optometric Association recommend the following. […]

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Eye Care Recommendations


The eyes as they say are the windows to the soul. They’re also irreplaceable. Proper vision care is essential to ensuring that your eyes will remain healthy and functional throughout your lifetime. At Island Eyecare, our team of professionals provides routine exams and a range of vision correction options such as glasses, contact lenses, and [...]

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The Health of Your Eyes & Air Quality


Most Americans anywhere in the country face some type of unpleasant winter weather. So, when spring and summer roll around we welcome it with open arms – open eyes are another matter altogether! We throw wide our doors and windows to let in the sunshine and fresh air. The problem is that all too often [...]

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