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Let’s Talk Eyeglasses Style for 2020 in Annapolis & Kent Island

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It is hard to believe there was a time when people did not want to wear prescription glasses because they thought they were unstylish! Now, people will buy vanity glasses without prescription lenses so they can be part of the ‘glasses-wearing in crowd’! This spring offers a fun and exciting way to add eyewear fashion to your total look. There are three styles that you will see popping up all over the country for women.

Eyewear Styles

The first are frames in shades of violet and/or yellow. Designers claim these colors are complementary and will stand out and speak for themselves separately. In other words, they may support whatever outfit that is being worn without looking out of place or they can be a deliberate juxtaposition of color between clothing and accessories. Anyway, come on now, purple glasses just sound like fun!

A second style that is getting rave reviews are floral-print frames for women. Spring just shouts flowers because it is the season of awakening when all plants come to life. Floral styles on glasses frames are the latest option to appeal to women. A floral printed frame goes with everything from a plain colored pair of pants and tailored blouse to a breezy dress. So, be sure to make this type of eyewear a part of your spring collection.

A third fun style for women this spring is the thin metal frame that is found in a variety of shapes and sizes. Thin metal frames tend to project an air of refinement and class. They can be elegant and understated, making them the perfect fashion accessory for evenings out.

Men should not feel left out either. The styles most popular for men include frames in oak-colored shades that have the look of polished wood. Another style that has been carried over from the female line are thin wire frames in gleaming shades. In addition, black has never been more basic than in men’s eyeglass frames this year. This style reflects a no-nonsense attitude that is sure to command attention. And one more for good luck? How about clear frames! That’s right – totally see-through frames that appear to be all but non-existent on the face.

There you have it – fashion eyeglass frames for 2020 from some of the best runways in the business. Gotta have them? Well what are you waiting for – contact Island Eyecare to learn more about these styles.

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