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Fashion Forward with New Frames in Annapolis & Kent Island

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Taking stock in your appearance is a regular part of the New Year. Who doesn’t want to brush off the old and usher in the new? This usually starts with a personal vow to let go of poor lifestyle habits. It may also mean refreshing your wardrobe. But, how often do you think about getting a new pair of glasses or two as a way to change up your look and put your best face forward? Well, the aim of this blog is to get you excited about ‘framing’ yourself in a new light and getting you out the door to your optometrist.

Start by assessing the shape of your face. This is a must for determining the type of glasses that will be most complimentary to your look.

·         Is your face oval with high cheekbones, a narrow forehead and a narrow jawline?  If so, most eyewear professionals say you have a face that will look good with most eyeglass shapes. Even so, you may want to purchase a pair of frames that sweeps upwards on the ends so your cheekbones are emphasized.

·         If you have a round face with round cheekbones, a round jawbone and a wide forehead, then rectangular frames may be your best choice. Keep the frames small and don’t allow the bottom of the frame to touch your cheekbones which would make your face look even smaller.

·         A square face may have a broad and angular jaw with a broad forehead. Choose curvy styles of eyeglass frames to soften your look. In this case, glasses with wire frames, as well as round or oval frames, will also compliment your face shape. Cat and butterfly frames are also a fun way to soften the look.

·         Who doesn’t love a person with heart, especially those with heart-shaped faces. A heart-shaped face is wide at the forehead and tapers and contours as it moves to the jaw. The best shaped glasses for you would be oval or round. They should be wider across the middle of your face to counterbalance your forehead.

While all of these are great suggestions, the best idea is to set aside the time to go to your optometrist and try on a variety of styles. The most important thing about a pair of glasses is that you like how they look and feel and how they make you feel about yourself.

If you are in the market for new eyeglasses, contact the experts at Island Eyecare. We want to help you find that new look for 2019.

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