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A Vision Check Up Makes a Great Christmas Gift! in Annapolis & Kent Island

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Everyone loves to unwrap gaily decorated packages. And those twinkling lights and beautifully appointed trees and homes are a treasure for the eyes. That is if you are able to enjoy these visual delights. If you are struggling with your vision, then the holidays may lose their luster.


If you are looking for a great gift to give a loved one for the holidays, then include an optometry visit to the list. You may purchase gift cards for the vision test, a pair of glasses or contact lenses, sunglasses and more. You might even make the appointment for the recipient of your gift and accompany them to the visit.  

In fact, might we suggest you even make vision appointments for your entire family and include this on their lists as well? People do not really appreciate the gift of vision unless they are faced with problems. There are many challenges to sight that can occur at any time in life. It is always best to be proactive in caring for your eyes and vision. The holidays usually offer an extended time when families are together without the stress of daily schedules. There are usually a couple weeks without school and/or work which free families up to do ‘family things’.

 Make time for a ‘family optometry visit’ and while you’re at it, make it a holiday tradition. That way you are helping your children incorporate vision care into their own lives as a habit while also helping them see a connection between the gift of sight and this very special time of year.

 You might even extend this largesse to others. The holidays are a time of giving. They are an occasion when people tend to look around themselves and see what they can do to help others. We drop coins in red buckets, wrap up gifts for children who have no hopes of finding anything under the tree and generally try to spread good cheer.

 This year, instead of choosing something material that will not last, provide a visit to an optometrist as a gift for someone in need. Ask your local optometrist how you can help others in need of vision check-ups and more. 

The vision experts at Island Eyecare wish you the happiest of holidays. Please contact us for ‘family appointments’ and more. We want everyone to enjoy the sights of the season!

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