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Protecting Your Eyes against Holiday Hazards in Annapolis & Kent Island

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There are dozens of eye hazards lurking in holiday festivities! Unfortunately, what may bring you visual delight might also bring you holiday pain. Keep these cautions in mind as you set out to make your Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanza or other family traditions bright!


·         Love that glitter? Who doesn’t? Glitter and the holidays go together. But when little pieces of glitter get in your eyes, it can be a painful experience. If you handle something that is covered in glitter, wash your hands so there is no remaining residue. It is easy to transfer tiny pieces of glitter to your eyes and that will hurt while your tears work it out of the eyeball.

·        Whether you are erecting a fake or real tree those needles are sharp. It is quite easy to fall into a branch or otherwise poke your eye, causing temporary or permanent injury to your eyeball. This is true with the ornaments as well; many are made of finely blown glass and one or two inevitably break with each holiday. They often disintegrate into hundreds of tiny shards that are hazardous to your eye health.

·        Many toys are actually potentially dangerous to your eyes. Any type of toy weapon with projectiles can cause injuries to the eyes. But, the passive and long use of new video games are equally as unhealthy. To better protect against these problems, take the time to investigate the toy and its hazards prior to its purchase. Remember, the tiniest of children rely on you to make good choices on their behalf.

·       More and more people like to shoot off fireworks as part of their holiday celebrations. While this may be a fun way to enhance the holiday for your family, it is also fraught with danger for those who don’t know how to use them correctly. May we suggest you only enjoy fireworks that are sanctioned by your community and know that it is becoming more of a tradition to include sanctioned fireworks displays in many cities and towns. Do your research to find out what is available in your area.

 Need more tips on holiday eye care? Contact the professionals at Island Eyecare. Your healthy vision is our focus.

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