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Preparing Your Child for a Visit to the Eye Doctor in Annapolis & Kent Island

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Eye Health, Eye exam,Optometrist

Eye Health, Eye exam,OptometristA visit to the optometrist has become a regular part of the total health care assessment for many children. Parents who want to ensure their children are 100% healthy will not overlook the need to check up on eye health and wellness.

For children, a visit to any type of medical office can be fraught with uncertainty, and a bit of fear. The professionals at Sea Island Eyecare want to help you make the visit to the optometrist a positive experience. The following suggestions should help to ensure your child will know the eye doctor helps boys and girls have excellent sight.

Once an appointment has been scheduled, begin to discuss the upcoming consultation with the child well in advance. Allow them to ask questions, and perhaps even bring the child by the office to see what it is like before the scheduled date. When children have a chance to explore the office prior to their session, they will find the environment less intimidating.

Visit the website with the children as well. Allow them to ‘poke’ around, click on the pictures, and ask questions. If you don’t know the answers, simply call the office, or send us a message. We are delighted to provide a response that will help put the child at ease.

Arrive early for the appointment, and allow your child to bring along a familiar toy that they use to feel safe at home. A comfort item may help to ward off the jitters that often accompany a new experience.

For our part, the experts at Sea Island Eyecare are careful to introduce each part of the eye exam with caution, and knowing that we want our patients to feel safe. We explain each machine and how it works to our littlest customers before they are put into use. If a child needs glasses, they are included in the decision-making process, trying on different frames to find the perfect fit for their particular wants and needs.

We pride ourselves on customer service and satisfaction…and that goes double for the tiniest members of our community! We look forward to hearing from you!

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