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Simple Steps to Guard Your Vision in Annapolis & Kent Island

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eyecare,Optometrist,ophthalmologistFew things are more precious than your eyesight, yet it is a gift we tend to take for granted, until it is challenged. You open your eyes each morning, and look around the world in which you live. You navigate your daily existence mostly by sight. But there are many things that can impair your visual perception, and an equal number of suggestions to care for your eyesight so you can enjoy ‘the view’ throughout your life. You are urged to take the following suggestions to heart, so you will be seeing things clearly for years!

  1. Have your vision checked annually. As you age, you can expect that your eyesight will deteriorate to some extent. Annual visits to your Optometrist or Ophthalmologist are an excellent form of pro-active eye care maintenance. It is also a preventive measure that may ensure you have clear eyesight well into your future.
  2. Recognize that your eyesight can be affected by any number of physical ailments including diabetes and high blood pressure. When you visit your doctor for your regular annual checkups, be sure to ask what you should do to support eye health in the face of these illnesses.
  3. Wear UV sunglasses when outdoors to ward off potential vision problems. Cataracts and pinguecula are just two vision complications that can arise from improper outdoor eyewear.
  4. Eat a healthy, well-balanced diet. Many of the nutrients in leafy green vegetables, carrots, and fresh fruits support vision wellness. That is because these foods contain antioxidants and vitamins that help stave off such eye problems as cataracts, and blurry vision. Even including fish that are rich in the popular ‘omega 3 fatty acids’ goes a long way towards keeping your eyesight at its best!
  5. You may also want to try ‘eye vitamins’. These supplements support healthy eyesight.

Ask your eye care professional about this and other ideas that will keep you looking on the bright side of life. The experts at Sea Island Eyecare are here to support your quest for eye health and wellness. Count on our insight and knowledge to help you reach your 20/20 vision goal.

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