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A Primer on Cataracts in Annapolis & Kent Island

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eyecare,vision ,ophthalmologistIn simple terms, a cataract is a clouding of the lens in the eye, leading to dimmed or blurry vision. The lens of the eye acts similarly to the lens of a camera. If the lens is dirty, the picture is more difficult to make out.

Cataracts are a common part of getting older. In fact, research shows that they are the leading cause of blindness in older adults in the United States! Furthermore, over 50% of adults have cataracts by the time they reach eighty years of age! That statistic alone underscores the connection between cataracts and aging. 

While many people associate cataracts with aging, this is not the only cause of the condition. Common factors that negatively impact the lens of your eyes include diabetes, smoking, obesity, and high blood pressure. Cataracts are also a challenge for children in many developing countries due to a lack of access to proper eyecare facilities and professionals.

So, is it possible to prevent cataracts? Not always. But they are definitely treatable, and with treatment, eyesight may be restored to nearly perfect vision. It could require something as simple as new glasses or contact lenses, or you may need surgical intervention. It is impossible to know without the diagnosis of a trained professional.

There are several diagnostic tests that an eyecare specialist may perform to determine if you have cataracts. One of these is a visual acuity test. This is the common eye test that requires you to cover one eye and read from a chart of letters that becomes increasingly smaller in size with each line.

A second examination tool is the slit lamp. This is actually a microscope that uses a beam of intense light to examine your cornea, iris and other parts of the eye. The doctor is able to see only small portions of the eye at a time, allowing for a more accurate diagnosis. Finally, a full retinal exam may be called for. By placing eye drops in your eyes, it causes your eyes to widen, and the doctor is able to perform a more thorough and exact examination of the retina – utilizing, perhaps, the aforementioned slit lamp or an ophthalmoscope.

If you feel your eyesight failing for any reason, make an appointment and visit an eyecare specialist as quickly as possible. Your eyesight will not correct itself without some professional support.

The experts at See Island Eyecare stand ready to serve all your eyecare needs. We hope you will trust us with your vision.

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