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If They Could See Me Now! What to Expect When You Visit the Optometrist in Annapolis & Kent Island

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Eye Care , Optometrist.wellnessOur eyes are inundated with visual messages from the moment our eyelids pop up. Often, the views we soak in bring us pleasure and delight. Who does not enjoy looking into the faces of our loved ones? And can enough ever be said for the beautiful sunrises and sunsets that usher our days in and out? If you are not humbled by your own ability to see the world around you, then perhaps a fresh viewpoint is in order!

Or, has the thought that ‘if they could see me now’ ever popped into your head? Well, your eye care specialist takes this saying to heart. We want everyone to ‘see you now’- and you to see others as well. One way to ensure this happens is annual visits to your local, professional optometrist office where your vision is assessed, and your acuity needs met so you can continue seeing the world through those ‘rose colored glasses’ so many have become fond of.

What can you expect when you schedule an appointment with an optometrist?

If you entrust your visual needs to the experts at Sea Island Eyecare, you can be assured of professional care. A typical first-time appointment will begin with the support staff collecting your medical history. There are many seemingly unrelated physical issues that can impact your eyesight. The optometrist will need to know about anything that could impact your vision.

Next you will undergo a series of vision tests. These are screenings that are intended to identify any issues that may presently be interfering with your eyesight. Both the quality of your current vision, as well as your eye health in general will be assessed. At the same time, your eye care professional will check for potential eyesight issues that have the potential to negatively impact your vision in the future.

At the completion of the exam, the doctor will take the time to discuss all aspects of your vision needs and care. He or she will make recommendations that are intended to maximize your eye health and wellness. This may include everything from prescribing eyeglasses, to scheduling follow-up exams for a more thorough understanding of your individual eye care requirements.

The friendly and professional staff of Sea Island Eyecare are grateful for the opportunity to serve all your vision needs, and are committed to providing every customer with exceptional assistance. We have been a part of the community for years, and look forward to meeting your visual needs.

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