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Healthy Diet Tips that Support Eye Health and Wellness in Annapolis & Kent Island

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Thanks to the miracles of modern medicine and research, medical experts are able to apply the principles of health and wellness as preventative measures for good health. This is true of all aspects of physical well-being including eye care. What is amazing is that these investigators are discovering that many illnesses can be interrupted or controlled through proper diet and nutrition. Here are some nutritional therapy suggestions that could help you see your way into a brighter tomorrow. 

Start with foods that are rich in omega 3 fatty acids. These are essential fats that can only be found in certain kinds of foods such as cold-water fish. Dine on such seafood delights as tuna and salmon, or mackerel and sardines, and you are sure to get your daily recommended omega 3 fatty acid requirements. These foods are especially helpful at preventing everything from cataracts to macular degeneration, and they can be prepared a variety of ways.

Your mother was right – eat your greens. Everything from spinach to kale, broccoli and peas, collard greens and avocados will enhance the antioxidants necessary to keep your vision healthy. These foodstuffs contain pigments within the plants that support eye health and wellness.

Eggs and whole grains are also rich sources of vitamins and nutrients that keep everything from macular degeneration to dry eyes at bay. The best thing about both is they can be prepared in a variety of ways so you will enjoy getting your daily dose of supplements to support optimal vision.

Include foods that contain vitamin E, niacin and zinc. All of these nutrients enhance your visual health, and can be found in a variety of food sources, but especially in those that are not refined carbohydrates. Reach for quinoa, whole-wheat foods, and unrefined oats. Then see if you are not seeing better!

The professional staff of Sea Island Eye Care care about your overall health and wellness, and how it affects your vision. All of the suggestions in this article are supported by multiple research resources. Here’s to your good eye health!

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