Fashionable Glasses


While glasses are meant to protect your eyes, they can quite easily make you stand out in others’ eyes when used as a fashion statement. When summertime rolls around and you are looking for an accessory to add to your image at the pool, beach, or backyard barbeque, pay careful attention to your choice of [...]

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Eye exams


  Closing one eye and trying to read a letter on the wall 10 feet away is not just something they do on TV. It is one of the many techniques used to examine eyes and eyesight and in many instances can be used as a tool to help diagnose and treat poor vision. Eye [...]

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Glasses for Children


Kids who are told they need eyeglasses do not always take that news with a smile. Many do not want to have their appearance changed but often they have no choice. You can help by selecting a great looking pair and one that will be durable enough to survive all of the child play. Since [...]

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Infant Eyesight


While it would be great if your baby’s first sight was a clear picture of their mom or dad, this is not necessarily the case. Infants’ eyesight for the first week of their life is relatively unclear. In reality, it will take a few months for your baby’s vision to fully develop. Just like many [...]

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Contact Lenses for Teenagers


For teenagers who either need to get corrected vision and do not want glasses or for those who have glasses and want a change, contacts are a great alternative. Before contacts are purchased, the teen and their parents must have good information about use and safety and what would be best for the individual teenager. [...]

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