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What’s The Right Age To Start Wearing Contact Lenses? in Annapolis & Kent Island

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Although there is no minimum or recommended age for using contact lenses, parents should make several considerations before deciding if contacts are appropriate for their child. This decision has more to do with the child’s unique traits and context rather than age.

What are the things parents need to consider when discussing the idea of having their kids wear contacts?

Responsible Wear And Care

Can your child handle the responsibility of caring for contacts? Complications seldom happen with contact lens use but when it does, most problems occur when the contacts are improperly worn and managed.

Consider if your child can follow instructions on how to wear and care for the contacts properly. Can your child properly insert and remove the contacts, keep them clean and follow a regular wear schedule?

Your child should also be able to adhere to other safety practices such as not sharing the contact lenses. Sharing contact lenses may result in vision-threatening eye problems.


Contact lenses may offer better visual experience for those prescribed to wear them but for some people, contact lenses are used for cosmetic purposes. Does your child or teen really need prescription lenses or do they simply want to look cool?

Many colored contacts can be bought online and despite their popularity, these contact lenses may not be as safe as they may seem. Parents should be aware that many contact lenses sold online are not FDA-approved.

If your child insists on getting these trendy colored contacts, it is a good idea to talk to an eye doctor who may prescribe safe contact lenses. It is illegal to sell contact lenses without a  prescription. Contact lenses are considered a medical device and poorly fitted contacts and those made from materials not suited for an individual’s eye can cause infection, inflammation, swelling and distorted vision. In some rare instances, permanent damage of the eye tissue may happen as a result of wearing ill-fitting contact lenses.

Eye Expert’s Advice

Eye experts can offer the best advice as to whether your child should wear contact lenses. They can also prescribe the right contact lenses following a thorough eye exam and fitting. Our optometrists and opticians at See Island Eyecare are more than willing to help you make an informed decision about having your child wear contacts. Call us now to set an appointment.

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