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Eye Problems Your Doctor Needs To Check Out in Annapolis & Kent Island

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Your eyes play a very important role in the body. It is through your eyes that you see things around you. Unfortunately many people ignore symptoms that may indicate eye problems that ophthalmologists say can progress very rapidly if left untreated. These issues can permanently affect your vision. Certain eye problems warrant a visit to the eye doctor. Here are some of these symptoms that you need to watch out for:

Constant Red Eyes

It may be normal to wake up having reddish eyes but if this regularly happens, it is high time to see the doctor. Red eyes that do not clear up even with the use of over-the-counter drops, may indicate dry eye syndrome, a condition that occurs when tears are not capable of providing adequate amount of moisture to the eyes.

Sensitivity to Light

The need to protect the eyes from light could be a sign of ocular migraine, a visual disturbance that can affect your eye. This symptom is also possibly an indication of inflammation in the eye.

Floaters In The Eyes

Floaters in the vision that appear as strings, specks or cobwebs that drift along with your eye movement, are frequently due to age-related changes in the configuration of the gel within the eye. Although these changes may not be a huge deal, it is still a good idea to have a dilated eye exam to ensure that this is not a sign of a more serious condition such as retinal detachment.


A stye is a painful infection or inflammation of the oil-producing glands in the eyelid. The condition often goes away in a day or so but eye experts advise to have them checked out if it develops frequently or you have a stye that does not go away.

Seeing Halos Around Lights

Seeing halos around light may indicate that the prescription of your contact lens or glasses is not quite right. It may also mean that you have an ocular migraine.


Any type of persistent eye pain is a sign of an issue. It may hint that you have contracted an eye infection or something is stuck in your eyes. An aching pain could be a symptom of increased pressure in the eye, eye inflammation, or you need a different prescription in your glasses. An eye doctor will help determine what causes the problem. Contact See Island Eyecare to have your eyes checked by an eye expert.

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