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What Type Of Contact Lens Should You Use? in Annapolis & Kent Island

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wearers now have a wider range of choices on how long they can wear their contact lenses without taking them out. If you’re considering switching to new contact lenses, here are the things to consider in deciding what type of contact lens to use:

Some contact lenses can be worn up to a week without needing to take them out but remember that wearing contact lenses that are not approved for use while sleeping may pose a risk to your eyes. This is because these lenses tend to deprive your eyes of oxygen.

Potential consequences of sleeping with these lenses include corneal infections and corneal neovascularization, which happens when blood vessels start to intrude into the white of the eyes.

Monthly and extended wear contact lenses are often silicone hydrogel lenses that have higher gas permeability compared to standard contact lenses, so they allow five times more oxygen through the lens.

Monthly contact lenses may come at a cheaper cost than daily lenses because you buy fewer lenses. You purchase them every month instead of everyday, which means you only have to buy 24 contact lenses each year. This also means less waste for the eco-conscious wearer.

Besides allowing more oxygen through to keep your eyes clear, the silicon hydrogel in the monthly and extended wear contact lenses also offer more comfort to the wearer. Your eyes will breathe better and stay moist at the same time, a balance made possible by better contact lens technology.

When choosing between biweekly, daily and monthly contact lenses, an individual’s personal preference and lifestyle matters but an eye doctor can offer additional guidance on making the right choice. An eye specialist can also monitor your vision as you adapt to new types of contacts.

Our eye specialists at See Island Eyecare can offer you expert advice on what type of contact lenses to use and prescribe you contact lenses that are best suited for your eyes. Always talk with an eye doctor when planning to get new or different contacts for your eye. Your eye professional will see to it that your contacts are prescribed and well-fitted for your eyes. This ensures that your eyesight and overall eye health will be at their best.  Contact us today to set an appointment with our eye doctors.

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