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If you are struggling with your vision, there are three corrective measures. The first, and most common, is to have your eyes tested and corrective glasses created to fit your particular eye needs. The second, and equally common type of vision correction is contact lenses. The choices for this are vast and include everything from disposable, to daily and monthly wear, and even colored lenses that make wearing them fun!

Vision surgery is a third option for correcting vision problems. While vision surgery may sound ominous, it is an excellent option for changing your vision abilities permanently. Let’s examine a few of the more popular types of vision surgery.

PRK is the original laser vision procedure that was first made available in 1995! That means it has been on the market for a quarter of a century! PRK stands for photorefractive keratectomy. It replaced a former type of laser surgery that had been found to have residual complications such as a tendency to see halos around lights and even a regression to the original vision issue over time.

PRK is simple in concept. It uses a laser to reshape the eye and remove corneal tissue. It is applied directly onto the cornea surface unlike LASIK, which uses a slightly different approach. It would be dishonest not to mention that PRK can lead to some discomfort for a short period of time as well as additional issues. However, it is as effective as LASIK and your optometrist will help you sort out which choice is best for you.

LASIK & LASEK are both vision corrective measures although the first is more common and widely known. LASIK is very much like PRK. The difference is that there is a small flap created on the cornea before the laser treatment begins. The aim is to create a natural ‘band-aid’ of the flap. The laser is applied beneath the flap and the flap is then laid over the area as a natural barrier. LASIK also differs from PRK in that there is little to no discomfort and clear vision returns almost immediately.

LASEK is a modification of LASIK. There are several small differences that seem to have made a big difference in the outcome. First, the corneal flap that is created is thinner than what you would find in LASIK. Too, the flap is made using an alcohol solution. Finally, this procedure has revealed even less discomfort than LASIK and leads to an even faster recovery.

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