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The Downside of Eyelash Extensions in Annapolis & Kent Island

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One of a woman’s most coveted facial features is her eyelashes. One major player in the eyelash industry claimed to have netted over $18 million in sales last year alone. No question that long, thick, lush eyelashes are always in and always a fashion statement.
There are many ways to enhance your eyelashes. Step into any beauty aisle and you will find dozens of mascara products in a variety of colors that cater to any number of desired eyelash outcomes. There are other options for extending your eyelashes as well. For example, magnetic eyelashes have become a popular alternative and eyelash extensions continue to be a choice made by many women.
Eyelash extensions are clusters of false lashes that are glued onto the individual’s actual eyelashes. It is an extremely tedious process, taking up to four hours to complete the process and costing upwards of $400 per session.
But there is a downside to eyelash extensions, too. It is the potential for contracting a variety of eye problems such as conjunctivitis, dermatitis, blepharitis or demodex (and more).  Demodex is a microscopic ectoparasite or mite. One cause of this is not getting your eyelashes enhanced on a regular basis; it is recommended they be repaired every two weeks. Not getting this regular repair allows dust to gather on your eyelashes and that is an invitation for problems.
Other problems can arise with eyelash extensions as well. One major issue is the glue that is used to attach the lashes. It contains harsh chemicals that come from a formaldehyde derivative. These contaminants can irritate or harm your eye or the skin around it. You can end up with corneal abrasions or keratitis, more commonly known as corneal inflammation. Another interesting problem that can arise from wearing lash extensions is their weight, could prevent you from blinking completely. This could then allow more irritants into your eyes and lead to an infection.
If you intend to use eyelash extensions or otherwise enhance your lashes, a good suggestion is to try it on another part of your skin or speak to your optometrist in advance to ensure you have the necessary information to make an informed decision.
The experts at Island Eyecare are happy to educate you on all aspects of your vision.

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