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Taking an Online Vision Test in Annapolis & Kent Island

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It seems you can do anything online these days. You can order groceries, household items, restaurant food, and clothes tailored to your size and style. You can schedule and meet with doctors and mental health professionals all from the comfort of your home. Anything else you desire is likely to be as near as the next click.

But, just because you can do it doesn’t mean you should! For instance, online vision tests are available but are they the best option? Would it be better to go to an optometrist office and have the vision test done in person by a professional? Let’s consider the differences between online vision tests and optometrist visits.
Today there are multiple websites you can go to to have your eyes checked online. The upside of taking an online vision test is that you can do it anytime. Websites that offer online eye exams also give you the option of having your eyewear made and sent to your home or office. Some websites can even check for color blindness or contrast sensitivity! The test is not available to everyone – there are certain stipulations that may prevent you from being able to take an online eye exam. For example, you have to fall within a certain age range.
Now, it’s time for a reality check. Yes, convenience is an important factor for most people in today’s busy world. However, there are some things that are just too significant to leave to the anonymity of the internet – starting with your eyes and vision. Your best choice should be to make the time to go to an optometrist and have a professional exam. There are many things that an eye doctor is able to discern and detect that could be missed by an online test. For example, online vision testing cannot detect a variety of eye diseases such as glaucoma or macular degeneration. Additionally, online vision tests may give inaccurate results.
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