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Some Interesting Facts about Optometry and Optometrists in Annapolis & Kent Island

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This blog is usually dedicated to topics that focus on vision, eye health and eye care. However, we think you might like to know a little more about the professionals that devote their lives to the optometry industry. Here are a few fun facts about us!

• Currently, the average number of years that an optometrist has been practicing in the United States is 22 years! With experience comes wisdom. Optometrists are comfortable in identifying vision problems and providing treatment options. That is because they have had the opportunity to see the many types of issues that people face when it comes to their eyes and health.

• Although there are a variety of optometry chains, over half of the country’s optometrists operate from a private practice in a free-standing location. The most important thing to remember is you must have faith in the optometrist that you choose. It is important to develop a relationship with this medical professional in the same way you would with your family doctor.

• Optometrists keep a busy schedule. Recent research shows that the average optometrist sees nearly seventy patients a week.

• Optometrists are doctors. They have the ability to write prescriptions and recent data reveals they write up to twenty-five prescriptions a week. Prescriptions can be given for glaucoma, dry eye syndrome and more. In fact, studies confirm the most common medication prescribed is for Dry Eye Syndrome (DES).

• Contact lenses are an important part of the optometry business. According to one study, an optometrist may provide initial fitting for contact lenses – including training on how to insert and remove them – or a ‘refitting’ of contacts at least fifteen times a week. This number is part of the total number of patients seen each week.

Optometrists must attend school for four years of undergraduate study and an additional four years of graduate work. There are some programs that will shorten this to a total of seven years but eight is more common.

Hope this information gives you a new perspective on your optometrist. Island Eyecare is proud of our seasoned, experienced staff. Join us, won’t you?

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