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How to Care for Your Glasses in Annapolis & Kent Island

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Recent data shows that nearly two-thirds of adults and twenty percent of children wear eyeglasses. Those numbers confirm that the human eye tends to be less than perfect and corrective lenses are nothing short of a miracle! They change the way a large part of the American population looks at things. What follows are some great suggestions for taking care of those glasses!


Keep the lenses and frames clean. You can purchase special kits from local pharmacies or optometry offices that contain the type of cleanser and drying cloth that will not scratch or mar the lens. Napkins and tissues are made from wood pulp and can cause small nicks in the lens so be sure to have the proper items available to lengthen the life of your lenses.

Invest in an eyeglass case and develop the habit of using it constantly. People often make it a habit to take off their glasses and lay them down without thinking about the possible harm that could come to them. They can be dropped, crushed, cracked, broken or lost. Purchase a case that is easy to see – perhaps bright colored or with a loud pattern – and keep it handy. Then make the conscious effort to put the glasses in the case when you remove them.

Purchase several neck cords or eyeglass chains if you tend to remove your glasses often but want them near so you have them handy and can put them on quickly. This is not uncommon for those who have to toggle between seeing things clearly up close and seeing things far away. Although bifocals are an excellent option under the circumstances, many people complain they cannot get used to them – so this is an excellent alternative.

Talk to your optometrist about buying more than one pair of prescription glasses at a time. Many companies have advertised specials or coupons that encourage this practice. There is nothing worse than having one pair of glasses and spending hour upon hour trying to find them. Save yourself the frustration and get two pairs from the outset.

Glasses are a fashion accessory for many people. The variety of frames and lenses make them a fun purchase as well as an essential support for your vision. Visit Island Eyecare for a great selection of frames and excellent customer service.

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