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Optometry Week and Optometry Day in March in Annapolis & Kent Island

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Every month there is something to celebrate when it comes to your eyes and your health. The month of March is no different. In fact, you could say there is a double celebration because March 23rd kicks off World Optometry Week hosted by the International Agency for the Prevention of Blindness. The week begins with Optometry Day and both are designed to draw attention to the issue of blindness on a global scale as well as the role that optometry plays in correcting and maintaining perfect vision. It is truly a cause célèbre and deserves the attention and support of people everywhere. In other words, it is beneficial to reflect on the gift of eyesight and the medical aid that experienced professionals can provide in this area.

Optometry is a global profession that may be practiced in different ways around the world. However, the practitioners share a common goal – offering comprehensive eyecare to patients everywhere. Optometrists are considered the first line of defense when it comes to caring for eyes as well as the entire human visual system in a comprehensive, thorough manner.

The importance of optometry and visual health cannot be overestimated. Research shows that of all the human senses the eye collects the overwhelming amount of sensory information to guide humans in their daily activities. Unfortunately, there are an estimated half billion people in the world who are legally blind or have some type of serious visual impairment. This is often due to a lack of access to proper optometry care.

For example, eye exams are a very important part of whole eye and vision health. An annual eye exam can help the optometrist uncover any potential short and long-term vision problems that may only need corrective lenses to improve eye health. But there are also certain conditions such as cataracts that will cause vision deterioration if not addressed. So, we ask you to take a moment to reflect on your own vision and learn more about caring for your eyes this month during Optometry Week and Optometry Day. Perfect vision is a blessing. If you are having problems with your eyesight come visit the professionals at Island Eyecare!

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