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About Progressive Lenses in Annapolis & Kent Island

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A progressive lens is one that offers a ‘smooth transition’ for the eye across varying focal lengths, allowing an individual’s eyes to move seamlessly across the spectrum of visual distances. In other words, the wearer of progressive lenses is able to have clear vision from far away, at an intermediate length and even close up without changing their glasses or removing them and then putting them back on.

Progressive lenses have changed the visual ability of many people since their inception in the late 1950s. Moreover, the development and expertise associated with this unique eye support device has become highly sophisticated. The winner is the consumer! Progressive lenses are more accurate, simpler to manufacture and available in a variety of styles.

Even so, there are certain cautions that potential buyers should realize before making the final decision to purchase progressive lenses. First, getting used to progressive lenses does not happen immediately. In fact, it may take a few days or more for your eyes to adjust to this type of lens. This is not unexpected as the human body takes time to adapt to any new device. Therefore, if you choose to purchase progressive lenses be prepared to commit to training your eyes to adopt this new vision option.

Too, optometrists suggest that if you do purchase progressive lenses you should buy larger frames. This will allow you to maximize the vision surface. As you try to get accustomed to a progressive lens it might be best to wear them intermittently. Otherwise, if you keep the progressive lens on for too long it may cause headaches and other issues.

Most consumers do not realize that progressive lenses cost more than other glasses. There are varying degrees of excellence with regard to the progressive lenses as well. In other words, premium progressive lenses will be more costly, but they can be customized to meet the specific needs of the user. For example, if you use a computer for long periods of time you may need the progressive lenses to be tailored for this use. The optometrist may create a progressive lens that has a wider midsection because that is the part of the eyewear you would utilize most often.

Now that you know more about progressive lenses, we hope you will choose Island Eyecare to meet all your vision needs. We are knowledgeable, expert and happy to serve you!

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