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Eating Chocolates May Be Good For Your Eyesight in Annapolis & Kent Island

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eye care, eye health, eye specialistAn optician has revealed that eating chocolates can help protect and boost eye health. Dr. Nigel Best also offered other tips that can help in maintaining good eye health.

Antioxidant In Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolate is among the most antioxidant-rich food products available and these antioxidants are a key to eye protection. Dr. Best said that scientific studies have suggested that antioxidants can provide protection to the eye against a range of diseases and dark chocolate has a high amount of the antioxidant flavonoids.

Flavonoids provide protection against age-related macular degeneration. These antioxidants in dark chocolate can also lower oxidative stress that can help protect the eyes from glaucoma, an eye disease that occurs when the optic nerve becomes damaged.

Studies have also shown that people who eat dark chocolates experience enhanced visual performance possibly because cocoa can increase blood flow to the retina and the brain.

Nonetheless, Best advised that overindulgence may have a negative impact on health so moderation is key. Make sure to read labels to get an idea of how much sugar is added to a bar of dark chocolate.

Other Sources Of Antioxidants

More antioxidants can help the body counteract the damaging effects of chemical exposure, harmful rays of the sun and even stress-related complications. Besides chocolates, other dietary sources of antioxidants include blueberries, cranberries and pecans.

Studies have shown that people with a high intake of Vitamin C, which can be found in vegetables and citrus fruits, have a 20 percent reduced likelihood of developing cataracts. Dr. Best particularly recommended eating brussel sprouts which are rich in Vitamin C.

Other Ways To Maintain Good Eye Health

Dr. Best also enumerated other ways to protect the eye from damage and those include wearing sunglasses and keeping yourself hydrated. He explained that over-exposure to sunlight can result in serious eye damage because of the ultraviolet rays. The effects are intensified when light reflects off surfaces such as sand, snow and road surfaces.

Regular Eye Check Up

Health experts also recommend getting regular eye check examinations so doctors can detect signs of eye and vision problems in their early stages. If you are experiencing vision problems, our eye specialists at See Island Eyecare can check and evaluate your eye health, as well as give you helpful advice on protecting your vision.  Contact us now to set an appointment with one of our specialists.

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