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Model Who Tattooed Her Eyeball Purple May Lose Her Eyesight in Annapolis & Kent Island

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A Canadian model who tried to have her eyeball tattooed purple a few months ago is now at risk of losing her eye entirely after suffering excruciating pain and compromised vision

Sclera Staining

Catt Gallinger, a fan of extreme body modification, underwent sclera staining, a procedure that stains the eyeball by injecting ink into the white part of the eye. The procedure has recently gained popularity among those who enjoy altering their bodies in unconventional ways.

The model chose purple, her favorite color, but something went wrong during the procedure. The ink oozed out of her eye and then dripped off her cheek. Her eye was swollen shut the next day and became painfully infected. The internal swelling persisted after three weeks and Gallinger was told she was at risk of going permanently blind in the affected eye.

Artist Who Tattooed Gallinger’s Eyeball Committed Many Errors During Procedure

Despite using antibiotics and eye drops to reduce the inflammation, Gallinger said that her vision has blurred and does not show signs of improving. She has since warned other people on Facebook about the risk of the procedure.

She claimed that the body modification artist who tattooed her eyeball misstated his training and qualifications.  Thinking that the procedure would be done by somebody she thought was experienced, Gallinger decided to have the procedure.

Gallinger said that the artist, who also happened to be her boyfriend at the time of the procedure, committed many errors. For instance, he did not mix the ink with saline and used a large needle, which penetrated deeply into her eye.

Risky Procedure

Sclera tattooing is discouraged by the American Academy of Ophthalmology because of the potential risks involved, which include eye infection and blindness. Earlier this year, the medical organization also documented a case of a 24-year old man who had to have his eye removed after a scleral tattoo went wrong.

Putting a needle on the eye is risky and while doctors do this frequently, they are professionals who have received years of training on how to go about treating the eye.

If you are planning to go through any procedure that involves the eye, it is best to consult with eye specialists to receive expert advice that may help save you from unwanted infections and even blindness.

Our specialists here at See Island Eyecare can provide expert opinion and advice on eye issues you may have. Contact us now to set an appointment.

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