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Eat, Drink and Have Healthy Vision for this Holiday Season in Annapolis & Kent Island

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eyecare, Wellness,visionWhen you think of the holidays the most common vision conjured up is eating to excess and an overall feeling of unhealthiness. But, in truth, holiday eating can be a bonus for your eyes and sight. There are many foods that enhance – or at least support – proper eyecare. Let’s review that holiday menu and identify the ‘good stuff’.

1.      How about those carrots? People go all out at the holiday time. Even such mundane food items as carrots get dressed up fancy with special sauces and glazes. While carrots fulfill many of your nutrient requirements they are especially good for your eyes because they beta-carotene. This helps ward off cataracts as well as helping to strengthen the outer eye surface.

2.      Brussel sprouts, broccoli (yes, and all those other green vegetables). The first two in particular provide that all important vitamin A and vitamin C. These help to ward off damage to the retina while also strengthening your eyesight overall. So, open wide for the B vegetables!

3.      Sweet potatoes have become a holiday staple on many tables around America. They can be mashed, sliced, baked and fried – each appealing in their completed form. This vegetable is chocked full of vitamin A and vitamin C as well. Both are helpful in maintaining the health of the cornea and improving night vision.

4.      Greenery in mixed salads. Some people like romaine lettuce, others make a salad using spinach as the base. In fact, there are dozens of ways to make a green salad and an almost endless amount of healthy ingredients that can be added – tomatoes, onions, radishes, celery, eggs…need I say more? But it is the green part of the salad that is helpful in keeping the eye healthy. That’s because the greens are packed with antioxidants and other important nutrients that prevent such things as macular degeneration.

5.      The best meat for your eyes on the holiday table happens to be the one found the most often. What is it? Why, turkey, of course. Not only is turkey a mainstay of the Thanksgiving and Christmas meals in many homes, but it is the healthiest option when it comes to eyecare. Turkey is loaded with vitamins and minerals that are good for your overall health and that includes your eyesight. Two of the most common nutrients are niacin and zinc. These are especially important in combating cataracts.

Perhaps the best thing about those holiday meals is the leftovers. Just think, for days afterwards you will be continuing to eat foods that care for your eyes!

The professionals at Sea Island Optometry want to play a role in keeping your eyes healthy, too. Contact us for all your eyecare needs.

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