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Optometrist Eyecare VisionDid you know that there is a world-wide celebration once a year that honors vision? It is called World Sight Day and this year it occurs on October 11th. The purpose is twofold. It is meant to draw attention to the over one billion visually impaired and sightless people across the globe. The most common cause of this is a lack of access to eye care facilities. The second aim of World Sight Day is a call to action. In the mode of ‘pay it forward’, the idea is to motivate those who are more fortunate to play a part in giving to the betterment of those in need.

Imagine that people around the globe are struggling to see because there are no optometry services or trained professionals available in the area. You can make a difference! How? By donating to an organization that supports World Sight Day. Now, this blog does not usually advocate for one cause over another but as sight professionals, we know that even the smallest of gift can do wonders. The dollars and cents may be used in a variety of ways.

You may be helping a young child get their first pair of glasses or an elderly individual receive treatment for glaucoma or another eye disease. It is hard to believe millions of people never even undergo an eye exam while in the United States, children are screened annually in public schools to identify any sight problems and offer assistance if necessary. The money may also be used to help pay for the education of young men and women who will become future optometrists. The hope is that they will then offer their expertise in underserved communities.

Examples of the good work that has occurred on World Sight Day are abundant. One organization committed to providing vision services to fifteen thousand children worldwide. That included vision exams and corrective glasses if they were needed. In another instance, money was committed to paying for two teaching positions at a university in a third-world country. A third use of the fiscal gifts was found in yet another underprivileged community where entire families were treated to eye exams and corrective lenses if they were needed.

You can make a difference. Please consider making a financial gift for World Sight Day.

If you need eyecare support yourself we invite you to take advantage of the expert service offered through Sea Island Optometry. We look forward to serving you.

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