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For some people, contact lenses are not just for vision correction–they are also a fashion statement. Colored contact lenses provide a variety of ways for someone to change their appearance, whether that is for a special event or simply because they want a different eye color.

There are a couple of different kinds of colored contact lenses. There are those that will correct your vision just as normal contacts and then there are the ones that will only change the color of your eyes but do nothing to affect your vision.

The colored part of your eye is called the iris. This is what the contacts are designed to change. Many colored contacts are made to look natural just like your iris which includes some lines and striations.

There are different kinds of tints that can be made to contacts depending on the desired purpose. The visibility tint will not change the color of your eyes but may make it easier to put in and take out your contacts. The enhancement tint will not completely change your eye color but it will enhance it. For example, if you have light blue eyes it can make that into a deeper blue that is more vibrant. Lastly there is the opaque tint. This tint is the one that will change the color of your eye. People with darker eyes need this to completely mask the color of their eyes.

While there are contact lenses that do not correct any vision, you still need a prescription to get them. The FDA defines all kinds of contact lenses as medical devices. They can potentially be dangerous especially if you share them with friends. They can lead to bacteria being swapped between people and they will not be properly fitted to both people’s eyes.

Colored contacts are not dangerous and you should not worry about any harmful effects. As long as you spoke with your doctor before receiving them and have them fitted properly you will be fine. Following the care procedures will keep them clean and safe and great for your eyes.

No matter what, consult a doctor before getting any kind of colored contact to make sure you do nothing harmful to your eyes.

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