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Sleeping With Contacts In in Annapolis & Kent Island

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Many people have struggled through the red or irritated eyes that occur after sleeping with their contacts in, but what many people want to know the answer to is whether or not this is dangerous or just annoying.

Oxygen is necessary for life as you should know, but what many people may not know is that the cornea of the eye can get oxygen straight from the air. Contacts therefore can block some of the oxygen from reaching the eye. This can cause swelling and irritation of the eye as well as bacteria getting in sometimes.  Bacteria in your eye can get behind the contact. This will end up staying in contact and the eye as it cannot escape.

Inflammation and abrasions are much more likely after sleeping in contacts as well. If some symptoms are seen such as swelling or redness occur, it is wise to see a doctor as soon as possible. There are very serious consequences that can occur if left untreated. Eyes can become damaged and sight hindered without prompt medical attention.

There is a solution for those who are not good at taking out their contacts at night or for those who would rather sleep with them in. Extended wear contact lenses are the answer. These are made of a special material that lets the cornea receive more oxygen. Once the cornea can get more oxygen it will lessen the risk of abrasion and inflammation.

These extended wear contacts are able to be worn for anywhere from seven to 30 days. It still may be smart to take the lenses out every few days or at least every week. This will allow your eyes to get a break and breathe with nothing at all stopping the oxygen flow.  Extended wear contact lenses are not recommended for everyone. If you commonly have issues with contact lenses or have eyes that get easily irritated, you may not want to get any kind of extended wear contacts.

Perfect vision is something many people strive for and will work to attain. They must always be careful to not harm their eyes and consult a professional before deciding about any type of eye wear or contact lens.

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