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Kids who are told they need eyeglasses do not always take that news with a smile. Many do not want to have their appearance changed but often they have no choice. You can help by selecting a great looking pair and one that will be durable enough to survive all of the child play.

Since kids are small people, make sure never to pick out too large of a frame as it will not look good. Some people say that square faced kids look better in round glasses and vice versa for round faced children but it is important to consider what your child prefers  since that will make them feel the most comfortable.

In terms of durability, you will want to choose a flexible frame. They will not be a bright and fun as plastic frames but they will bend more easily without braking and if you have a reckless or energetic kid this will be a great benefit. Accidents such as dropping them and stepping on them will prove to be less fatal with a more flexible frame.

If your child plays sports and is too young for contact lenses, flexible glasses are a great choice. Running around and some contact will probably cause at least a few drops of the glasses and they may even get stepped on. If the sport involves too much contact, you could purchase the sport goggles which strap to the head with and elastic band so they do not some off and they are very durable.

The bridge above the nose is crucial. Too tight or too loose will make the glasses uncomfortable and also not functional. The glasses must sit at the proper distance away from the eyes to serve their purpose. There should not be much space between the glasses and the cheek of the child.

Consulting with a doctor before getting glasses for your children is the best thing to do. This will ensure they get the right prescription. If you do not do this you could end up with a wrong prescription and/or a frame that is not optimum for your child. The wrong frame could cause the glasses to break and injure the eye.

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