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The Weather and Your Eyes


Winter brings its own set of problems for your eyes! The cold and ice, sleet and snow, glare and other conditions all make it difficult to see clearly. Moreover, this type of weather can assault your eyes without you realizing the damage that is being inflicted. Let us look at some of the more common [...]

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Vision Surgery


If you are struggling with your vision, there are three corrective measures. The first, and most common, is to have your eyes tested and corrective glasses created to fit your particular eye needs. The second, and equally common type of vision correction is contact lenses. The choices for this are vast and include everything from [...]

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February is Low Vision Awareness Month


As the title of this blog indicates February is “Low Vision Awareness Month”. Low vision is very common and easy to explain. Low vision occurs when an individual’s eyesight is impaired such that participation in daily activities such as reading, or meal preparation is problematic. Eye doctors explain that it falls outside the scope of [...]

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New Year’s Eyecare Resolutions


There are few things more promising than the start of a new year. January 1 signals the opportunity to begin anew to set and meet personal goals and expectations. While this often means such things as losing weight, getting finances in order or similar aims, we would like to suggest you add ‘vision and eyecare [...]

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A Good Night’s Rest is Good for Your Eyes


This is the time of year when people tend to stay up late shopping, partying, wrapping presents and just tossing restlessly from the excitement! Did you buy enough food to feed the extended family for the New Year’s celebration? Should you have made that last-minute purchase of a new dining table on credit? With all [...]

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