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Summer Air Quality & Your Eyes in Annapolis & Kent Island

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When you check the daily weather forecast, you’ve probably noticed the accompanying air quality reports. Ozone levels can spike in the summer months, which makes our eyes even more vulnerable to air pollution. In the Earth’s lower atmosphere, ozone, an odorless, colorless gas, isn’t formed naturally. Rather, it forms when pollutants from cars, power plants, refineries, and other sources react chemically in sunlight. This “bad” ozone, also known as smog and air pollution, is especially harmful in the hotter months. Luckily there are some tips we can try to help find relief for our eyes when air quality isn’t at its best.

There are a few things we can do besides wearing sunglasses in the summer. For example, rewetting eye drops may help make your eyes more comfortable if irritated by air pollution. Contact lens wearers may also talk to their optometrist about changing contact lenses. For example, switching to daily lenses and putting a fresh pair in each day may help remove any debris from your eyes.

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