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Specialty Contact Lenses


Research and development are important parts of the vision industry. This is especially true in the creation of specialty contact lenses. It should come as no surprise that ‘one size does not fit all’ when it comes to contact lenses. Everyone’s eyes are a little different and so are their vision needs. […]

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Summer Sports and Eyecare


No question summer is almost everyone’s favorite time of year! Lazy days, family gatherings, vacations and so much more! What could possibly go wrong? Actually a lot, especially when it comes to your eyesight. Many dangers to your eyes can occur when you are enjoying one summer activity or another. In this blog we will [...]

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Caring for Your Glasses and Contact Lenses


In today’s fast-paced world people tend to look for quick solutions to many of the daily chores of life. This seems to be especially true of caring for your eyeglasses or contact lenses. Let’s start with a reminder of why this is important. First, eyeglasses and contact lenses are just like any type of prescription. [...]

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Check Yourself!


Many people believe that vision is the most important of the five senses. If you have read other posts on our site, you will find that we have stated up to 80% of all your sensory perceptions occur through vision. As a result, taking care of your eyes should be a top priority on a [...]

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Low Vision Awareness Month


There are many celebrations and observances in the month of February but none as important to the eyecare business as ‘February is Low Vision Awareness Month’. In this article we will learn more about the meaning of low vision and its effects. We will also offer some valuable advice on what you can do if [...]

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