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Island Eyecare’s New Year’s Resolution Suggestions in Annapolis & Kent Island

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There are few days of the year that feel as fresh and new as January 1st. It’s all about new beginnings, starting over and determining to do a better job in life over the coming year. Here at Island Eyecare we want to help you make New Year’s resolutions that will benefit your life and your vision. So, print a copy of these suggestions and hang them on your refrigerator to serve as a reminder of the promise you made to protect and improve your vision this year!

1. Protect your eyes and your vision. In other words, do not be careless. Often times, people who are extreme do-it-yourselfers will set out to do a job that is fraught with potential danger to your eyesight. Crafting, tools and other materials can lead to cuts and scrapes near your eye. For example, packaging knives and other tools with thin blades can cause sharp cuts to the eyeball with just a quick wrong move of the wrist. So, invest in goggles and please be careful!

2. Change your diet to add foods that will help prevent problems to your eyesight. Today we know much more about how diet affects your vision. Take care of your eyes by adding vegetables and foods rich in Omega 3 to your plate. Nuts, grains, fish, and eggs are just a few of the foods that will help you see things more clearly. Don’t forget those leafy vegetables too!

3. Sunglasses – don’t leave home without them. No matter what climate you live in, you are subjected to UV rays from sunlight (especially when reflecting off clouds and snow). Sunglasses help prevent exposure to these harmful rays which in turn can cause multiple forms of eye diseases that impact your vision. Invest in sunglasses that will filter out the problematic rays.

4. Drink lots of water. Water is important for the production of tears. Water also keeps your eyes moist and ensures delivery of nutrients important to continued eye health. Water is valuable to all parts of the body so keep drinking your H2O!

5. Schedule an eye exam to start your New Year off right!

If you intend to follow this list of New Year’s eye care resolutions, then we hope you will allow us to serve your optometry needs. The professionals at Island Eyecare look forward to hearing from you.

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