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Statistics on Vision in Annapolis & Kent Island

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Eye Care , Optometrist.wellnessIt is hard to believe that in a country as medically advanced as the United States that vision problems continue to be pervasive. Recent studies show that as much as 75% of the American population needs some sort of vision correction! The causes are many, including everything from nearsightedness to farsightedness. But research also finds other interesting facts about eyesight in the country. For example:

  • Approximately 75% of Americans wear prescription glasses
  • 60% of Americans underwent an eye exam last year
  • Nearly 20% of Americans use contact lenses
  • 70% of working Americans must use corrective vision devices
  • 25% of children suffer from some vision problem
  • The overriding source of vision complaints in the workplace are caused by working on computers

Now consider this additional information about vision:

  • The learning process occurs nearly exclusively through vision
  • Eye exams are preventative and instructive – allowing the Eye Care Specialist to identify vision problems and diseases and prescribe corrective actions

There is no question that people tend to take their sight for granted, unless and until they acknowledge there is a problem. Americans will often allow vision issues to persist until they can no longer ignore them, before seeking the intervention of an eye care expert – either an optometrist or ophthalmologist. Ignoring vision problems can lead to permanent vision loss or even blindness, in some cases, according to recent data.

  • 61 million Americans are at risk for vision loss due to undiagnosed eye diseases such as glaucoma or macular degeneration
  • Less than half of Americans who are in peril of losing their sight actually seek the aid of an eye care specialist

Sometimes seeing the numbers in black and white helps to encourage people to think about the current state of their vision. Knowing there is a 3 in 4 chance that you are among the population that requires eye care support should help to incite you to action. In the end, preventive eye exams can save your eyesight in the future.

The professionals at See Island Eyecare make it our business to care about your vision. Our staff is trained to provide the support needed to ensure you receive the highest quality eye care. If you are struggling with your eyesight, don’t wait another day! Call us for an appointment. Our goal is your complete satisfaction. We look forward to ‘seeing you.’

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