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New Year’s Eyecare Resolutions in Annapolis & Kent Island

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There are few things more promising than the start of a new year. January 1 signals the opportunity to begin anew to set and meet personal goals and expectations. While this often means such things as losing weight, getting finances in order or similar aims, we would like to suggest you add ‘vision and eyecare resolutions’ to your list. They are not that difficult, but the results can ensure quality vision for years to come.

• Make and keep regular optometry visits for yourself and all members of your family. Recommendations differ on the necessary frequency of optometrist visits. While some say those without vision problems may only need to have their eyes checked every two years, others suggest annual check-ups are best. Check your insurance and see what options are provided. But, if anyone in the house is struggling to see clearly – make an appointment. Really, it is sensible to make this an annual family event. It underscores the belief that proactive healthcare is important.

• Invest in the best eyewear to prevent damages from the sun. The best option for everyone in the family is sunglasses that provide 100% UV protection. These will filter out both the UVA and UVB rays. Sunglasses that are wraparound and oversized will also better ensure that your eyes are protected to the greatest extent possible. Sunglasses should also be ‘polarized’ which means they reduce the glare from snow and sun, water and glass. There are so many instances where glare can interfere with your ability to see things clearly that it might be advisable to have several pairs of sunglasses on hand and within reach.

• Give your eyes a break. Technology now consumes our lives. We tend to jump from one ‘device’ to another. In other words, you may be using your phone to surf the net throughout the day and in-between doing some type of work on a tablet or computer, and then go home to stare at a large screen TV for several hours before heading to bed, where you may surf the net on your phone once again! That is a lot of screen time and research confirms the average American spends hours engaged in all of these activities. So, this year make a schedule. Vow to set aside all of your devices for a certain amount of time each day. Or close your eyes every so often to allow them time to rest and recoup before returning to the activity in which you are involved.

Care for your eyes and they will take care of you! Contact Island Eyecare for more information.

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