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Modern medicine is constantly producing miracles that improve the human condition. Many of these devices revolve around improving vision.

One device is ‘eSight’, a ‘wearable medical device’ that improves functional vision for those who have low vision or blindness. The device was designed by engineer Conrad Lewis. He was very interested in restoring vision because he had two sisters that were legally blind. eSight is on its third rendition and similar in style to glasses used for virtual gaming. Each side of the headgear holds a High Definition monitor. The screens are tailored to reflect the prescription lenses of the user and a variety of interfaces are utilized for image capture and display.

Wave scanning is another technology that has recently found wide application. It aims to replace traditional LASIK surgery that may cause problems with a person’s vision. Of course, LASIK is widely used and has benefited millions of people but there are instances where it can cause dry-eye, glare and difficulty with contrast. Wavefront technology works to correct vision problems and has demonstrated fewer side-effects.

Implant surgery has been used on everything from breasts to calves with varying levels of success. There is no question it is a popular ‘catch-all’ for the improvement of one’s physical appearance. When implants are considered for vision, they are often a part of cataract removal surgery. There are several types of implants and research continues to refine the knowledge about their effectiveness. Even so, these implants have demonstrated a fair measure of success in restoring normal vision.

Another type of laser type method is Diode Laser Treatments. It was developed based on the realization that your eye’s retina is key to proper vision and damage to it could lead to vision impairment or blindness. The Diode Laser Treatment uses a laser to reattach retinas in cases of severe eye trauma. It is also valuable in repairing retinal tearing.

A special camera has been developed that is revolutionary in vision diagnostics. It is called the Fundus Camera. It works by taking ‘real-time’ pictures of the eye, thereby allowing it to provide a detailed illustration of the current condition of the eyeball and associated parts as a tool for developing a proper diagnosis and treatment plan. Optometrists have found it especially useful when treating diseases that can affect your vision, such as diabetes.

Take care of your vision and make it a habit to have regular eye checkups at Island Eyecare.

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