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Is It Time for an Eye Exam Again? in Annapolis & Kent Island

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Like most Americans you are probably very busy. Whether you are single or married, a parent or simply out there trying to maximize your work and play, nothing can be more disruptive than having to trudge off to a doctor for a wellness checkup. The question then is how often do you really need to have your eyes checked? This blog should help you in the decision making process.

First, the time between eye appointments depends in part on your age. Babies cannot track with their eyes at birth. However, by two months you should be able to notice the baby’s eyes following an object. Any abnormalities warrant an immediate visit to the eye doctor.

Many children begin to attend daycare or preschool by the time they are two or three years old. As a result vision issues often become immediately apparent, particularly when there are teachers and other support personnel who are able to notice abnormalities in their ability to see. Teachers are an excellent resource because they often work with hundreds of children so they have an internal ‘clock’ by which to measure your child’s vision.

Parents can also be good judges of vision problems if they know what to look for, such as children who tend to squint or rub their eyes when looking at something. Also, if a child’s eyes are turning in the wrong direction or they cover one eye in favor of another, it is a good idea to make an appointment with an optometrist.

When a child reaches kindergarten or first grade one indication of a vision problem could be they cannot ‘track’ their words when reading. Also, vision problems are also identifiable when a child begins to play sports such as soccer or T-Ball.

Adults are an easier age group to identify vision problems. Men and women are able to recognize when they are having struggles seeing. Too, as you age you can expect your vision to undergo changes. Everything from blurry vision to ‘floaters’ on the outskirts of your eye are examples of the problems you might expect to experience as part of the aging process.

So how often should you see an optometrist? At least once a year but absolutely any time you are having trouble with your vision! You only get one set of eyes – take care of them.

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