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Active Life = Better Vision in Annapolis & Kent Island

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By now you have probably read all about the benefits of a healthy diet to maintaining and even improving your eyesight. But, did you realize that an active lifestyle can also support healthy eyesight? Let’s consider how that works in this blog.

First, if you partake in a sedentary lifestyle, research shows this can lead to a variety of conditions that can negatively impact your vision. For example, a lack of exercise and proper associated lifestyle choices can result in the development of chronic conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure and heart conditions. All of these health problems directly impact vision and lead to separate but challenging vision issues. While there are many ways to improve your health any problems that cause vision loss are difficult to repair. Diabetes alone has been connected to glaucoma, cataracts, retinopathy and more.

Conversely, staying active and exercising even walking on a daily basis, helps you stay in shape and feel healthier. Staying active or engaging in exercise (along with a proper diet) can ward off many common lifestyle choice diseases including diabetes, heart conditions and more. One study found that exercising three times a week or more can lower the risk of macular degeneration by as much as 70%. As you can see – the rewards are great!

There are a variety of types of exercise that people of all ages can engage in that are cost-effective and beneficial. Often, people tend to think they have to join a gym or pay for a class to get their weekly dose of exercise but that is not true. Try the following ideas.

• Flip through your TV channels. Many programs offer exercise programs targeting all age groups and they are free!
• Don’t forget to try YouTube. There are a wealth of videos that offer exercise routines to meet the needs of a number of population groups.
• Check with your local public health department. They will have a list of places in the area that offer free exercise programs and incentives. For example, many malls offer exercise programs for the elderly or contests for visitors.

Get a book or two on the topic and see what exercise options are most suitable for your needs and likes. Just get active.

Want to know more about how exercise improves eyesight? Contact the professionals at Island Eyecare.

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