Protecting Your Eyes at Home


Most people consider their homes a safe place to relax and let their guard down. You know your way around the environment and how to maneuver to avoid running into things, dropping them on yourself or other types of hazards. But, in fact, it is this very tendency to be less cautious that can result [...]

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The Good, The Bad & the Ugly of Binge Watching


The world of television viewing has changed dramatically in the last few decades. We have gone from limited viewing options to a scenario in which the choices seem endless. The latest fad for Americans is binge-watching. Binge-watching involves finding a show and overindulging the senses by watching entire seasons in a sitting. If you have [...]

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Cause for Celebration


Did you know that there is a world-wide celebration once a year that honors vision? It is called World Sight Day and this year it occurs on October 11th. The purpose is twofold. It is meant to draw attention to the over one billion visually impaired and sightless people across the globe. The most common [...]

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The Environment and Disposable Lenses


A feature story on the news this week focused on the problem that disposable contact lenses are causing with the environment. There is no question that contact lenses have changed the way people are able to see. Prior to their development, the only choice for correcting vision was to wear prescription glasses. This could be [...]

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Innovations in Eyecare Technology


It should come as no surprise to learn that technology is causing changes and improvements to the delivery of eyecare services! Here are just a few innovations that are quickly becoming commonplace in the world of optometry. For example, eye exams have gone high-tech. New tools have been made available to the eye doctor that [...]

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