January is National Glaucoma Month


There are many serious eye illnesses and diseases that can impact your vision. Among the most challenging is glaucoma. It currently impacts over three million Americans and all indications are this number will increase in the coming decade. Perhaps one reason for this is that it impacts people over sixty in greater numbers and the [...]

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The Eye Chart in an Optometry Office


Nearly every eye exam dating back decades opens with the reading of an eye chart. The original eye chart was designed by an ophthalmologist named Dr. Hermann Snellen in 1862. The purpose of an eye chart is to measure visual acuity without corrective lenses and the patient’s ability to see things accurately at different distances. [...]

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Fashion Forward with New Frames


Taking stock in your appearance is a regular part of the New Year. Who doesn’t want to brush off the old and usher in the new? This usually starts with a personal vow to let go of poor lifestyle habits. It may also mean refreshing your wardrobe. But, how often do you think about getting [...]

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An End of Year Recap of Eye Health Tips


It starts in elementary school and follows us throughout life. The tendency to review and recap that is. And optometrists are just as likely to use this tool to educate their audience as any other medical discipline. So in the interest of reminding people of simple ways to care for their vision, what follows are [...]

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A Vision Check Up Makes a Great Christmas Gift!


Everyone loves to unwrap gaily decorated packages. And those twinkling lights and beautifully appointed trees and homes are a treasure for the eyes. That is if you are able to enjoy these visual delights. If you are struggling with your vision, then the holidays may lose their luster. […]

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