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Here at Island Eye Care, we are big fans of putting pretax money into a health savings account (HSA) or flexible savings account (FSA).  It is a great way to cover out of pocket expenses including your eye care.

For many of you with FSA’s, they are likely time-bound and using your benefits is restricted to the calendar year.  So, now is the time to schedule your appointment with Dr. Barr.

Here are four reasons to use FSA or HSA funds for the care of your eyes:

  1. An eye exam is an investment in your overall health.  You may find out you need new glasses or an updated prescription and regular eye exams are also a great way to catch certain eye conditions in the early stages. A vision check can tip you off to other hidden health problems too, like high blood pressure or diabetes.
  2. Use your HSA/FSA funds for new frames or contacts. Even if your prescription stays the same, this is a great way to spend tax-free money on the latest fashion trends. Or maybe extra contact lenses or a spare pair of glasses.
  3. Use your tax-free funds when you need to treat an eye condition.  The ointments or eye drops Dr. Barr prescribes you for various conditions are a legit HSA/FSA expense.  More significant conditions such as damaged optic nerves due to glaucoma are also covered.
  4. When your HAS or FSA comes with a deadline.  Check the conditions of your plan and if so, put a big circle around December 31st to spend that money.
These are general recommendations so check your plan for what applies to you.  But know, as we approach the busy Holiday season, now is a great time to schedule your appointment at Island Eye Care.  We will see you soon!

Written by Island Eyecare

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