Sleep Deprivation


In today’s society, sleep can be hard to come by due to the long workdays and early mornings that many Americans have to endure. Coffee will remedy a tired mind but that is not the only consequence that comes with sleep deprivation. Sleep deprivation also has adverse effects on your eyesight and general overall health. [...]

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Vitamin A and Your Eyes


Many people have questions regarding vitamin A and the benefits of taking it to ward off eye disease.  Is blindness caused by a vitamin A deficiency?  Is consuming too much Vitamin A dangerous to my health? Finally, will taking vitamin A improve my vision? Vitamin A is comprised of antioxidant compounds that contribute to the [...]

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Fashionable Glasses


While glasses are meant to protect your eyes, they can quite easily make you stand out in others’ eyes when used as a fashion statement. When summertime rolls around and you are looking for an accessory to add to your image at the pool, beach, or backyard barbeque, pay careful attention to your choice of [...]

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Sports eye protection


Risk for eye injury is high in all sports whether contact or non-contact. The way to combat this inherent risk is by using protective eyewear. Players, parents and coaches realize that wearing eye protection makes it safer for the participants and with corrective protective eyewear, may actually improve performance. One concern that athletes could have [...]

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Eye Allergies and Treatment


Allergies are very common once the weather starts to warm up and they can be very irritating for those of us susceptible to them. Thankfully, treatment does not have to be very expensive and is usually quite accessible. Here is some information regarding allergies and how they affect the eye. The symptoms of eye allergies [...]

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