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Unhealthy Habits That Can Harm Your Eyes in Annapolis & Kent Island

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Some of your bad habits may be harming your eyes. Here are some of the thing that you should stop doing to protect your vision:

Wearing Old Contact Lenses

Optometrist,eyecare,wellness,kids,adultsEye experts say that people tend to keep contact lenses in their eyes much longer than intended. It may seem harmless to wear one-day contact lenses on day two but this can increase your chances of an infection. Other unhealthy ways of using contact lens, such as sleeping in contacts and sharing contacts with others, are also major offenses that may cause eye problems.

Not Using Sunglasses

Extensive exposure to ultraviolet rays of the sun can cause damage to the retina and may ultimately put you at risk of cataracts. UV-blocking sunglasses can help you avoid eye damage when you are outside. If you wear contacts, go for a brand with UV protection to get an added layer of defense.

Using Expired Eye Makeup

You may have to throw your favorite mascara away, even if you have used only half of the contents or if it is past its expiration date. Using expired makeup can cause nasty eye infections and irritate your contacts. The American Academy of Ophthalmology says that eye makeup needs to be thrown away after three months. While some experts say it is alright to to use mascara and eye shadows for up to nine months, it is better to be on the safe side. Throw your makeup away once it gets clumpy. Do not add water since this can increase the chances of bacterial contamination.

Rubbing Your Eyes

Rubbing your eye can momentarily give you relief, but this can spread dirt and bacteria in your eyes. Cornea specialist Jessica Ciralsky said that this can transfer germs, such as those that cause pink eye, into the eye. Eye rubbing has also been associated with permanent corneal damage and conditions such as keratoconus, which happens when the cornea thins and starts to bulge outward.

Rubbing the eye can also possibly dig debris deeper when there’s something in the eye. Experts advise blinking the eye rapidly instead or using eye drops to flush out the eye.

Skipping Eye Exam

Even if you think that your vision is perfect, there is still a chance that you have eye problems that you may not be aware of. Early detection of eye diseases can make a great difference in preserving your vision. Contact us at See Island Eyecare to set an appointment with an eye care specialist.

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