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Recommendations Regarding Makeup and Your Eyes in Annapolis & Kent Island

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vision,eyecare,wellness,The cosmetic industry is a multi-billion-dollar business. Most women you know will wear some level of makeup, from a minimal amount to a lush presentation that includes everything from foundation to blush and lash extenders to lid enhancement. Often no one thinks about the possibility of damage that makeup can do to your vision – that is, until something causes a problem. If you take the time to adhere to the following recommendations, you will minimize the chance that the makeup you apply will not negatively impact your vision!

Replace your makeup regularly. When it comes to makeup, it is not good to be a ‘saver’. Makeup has a shelf-life just as you would find in any other product. Every time you open and close a product or apply a sponge or applicator, you are exposing it to germs and other elements that can lead to vision complications.

If you are using your hands to apply makeup, be sure they are clean. It is a good idea to wash with an anti-bacterial soap prior to beginning the application process.

Be careful when applying makeup. One of the most common ways that eyes are hurt is when putting on mascara, eyeliner, and eyeshadow. Doctors regularly treat patients who have accidentally scratched their eyeball, causing corneal abrasions. It is best to be standing still and looking closely into a mirror to better guard against the possibility of harming yourself.

If you are naturally sensitive to artificial products, it is advisable to purchase makeup that is hypo-allergenic. Perhaps consulting with an optometrist would be helpful. They are in the business of caring for eyes and they would likely have recommendations for makeup they believe is best.

Finally, never share your makeup with anyone, even your best friend or sister! That is an easy way to mix in someone else’s bacteria with your cosmetics! If you do get an infection, discard any makeup you are currently using. There is a high likelihood that embedded into the makeup is bacteria that could cause a repetition of the infection.

Always apply makeup with the greatest of care. That way you can be sure that you look good and feel good too! Remember you are welcome to place your eyecare trust in the professionally trained staff at See Island Eyecare. The health of your eyes is our business.

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